If you have a website then knowing if it is online or not is something that

should be a concern to you. dotUPTIME.com was designed to help you track the

uptime of your site so you know the reliability of your current host. We will

keep watch over your site so that you can focus on doing what it is you do best

rather then constantly checking to see if your site is down.

The features are:

:. Monitor Multiple Sites
:. Alert via Email and SMS
:. Monitor Http, Https, SMTP, POP, IMAP or FTP (new)
:. Display Your Stats On Your Site
:. Detailed site monitoring logs
:. Customizable Site Uptime Statistics for your site
:. Track Time, Status, Page Size and Speed

Still asking yourself why you need to monitor your site?

:. Your site uptime can effect your sales
:. Your site uptime can effect your google ranking
:. You may recieve a refund from your hosts uptime guarantee
:. Track a host before moving your site to them to see how reliable they are

Sign-up for Free Website Monitoring at dotUPTIME.com.