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    www prefix

    Hi, I finally got my site up, but there is just one problem. I can only access the site with the www prefix. Without it, it takes me to a page saying, this domain name was recently registered at...(the registrar) how do I fix this?

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    sounds like it might be a dns cache issue, what is the domain? might have already been resolved before it was pointed to the host?

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    well the www. thing sux
    May be you should contact support from where you registered the domain.
    They are the best guys who could help

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    Probably best to determine whether it is a DNS or Apache configuration problem.

    Use your favorite lookup tool (dig, host, nslookup, ping)

    $ dig domain [dot] com
    $ dig www [dot] domain [dot] com

    If they both resolve to the same IP, your webhost must tell apache to fetch your content for both servernames.

    If the IPs are different, your DNS needs fixing.


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