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    Wanted: Owned vbulletin license

    I am looking of a owned vbulletin license....if anyone is willing to sell one please let me know.

    If updates are expired that's fine as well, however please make sure it's verified by a mod.

    Thank you.

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    Have you checked yet? I think they have a few left for sale.

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    I have :

    vBulletin (Leased License)

    Expires : Apr 30th '06

    This might not be any use, but...You maybe could try it and if it works out re-order a license or if you dont then just stop paying.

    Anyways, i know it's not a owned license, i'm not 100% sure i want to sell it however i've never really used the license.


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    sorry, not looking for a leased license...thanks anyways

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