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    Mambo and SMF Theme Integration

    I have a working phpBB forum theme/skin that I really like, it can be seen here:

    I am no longer going the same direction as I once was (simply was going to have a phpbb forum) but instead I am now going to use Mambo, with SMF forum integration. I have setup mambo and SMF, I have the integration working between the two functionally. This can be viewed at: (Mambo & SMF)
    or (SMF)

    What I need is someone who can make the theme / skin fit well between Mambo and SMF. I hope that one can incorporate some of the images and things from my old phpBB theme into the SMF one. Obviously the most important thing is to just really make it all flow and fit together nicely, so that from the Mambo site if one goes to the forums it just all feels like its one thing and not this mixture of hashed together software and themes.

    Not sure what the asking or going rate is on something like this. I am very new to this, and just know what I want to accomplish ultimately with the site. I know I cant spend more then $40 to accomplish this right now. So if I am asking for too much I understand. Any help on this, suggestions or guidance with this would be greatly appreciated.

    If you think you can help, if you have an idea of how much you would charge please post and let me know. I am chomping at the bit to get this site completed, and the forums are a huge part of it. I still have tons of things to do with content and stuff but that will come in time once I feel better about the whole look and feel of the site.

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    Someone asked me the following:

    "Adapting the theme wouldn't be that hard. Can you be a little more specific about the images and things you want to use from your phpBB forum?"

    My response is:

    Really the only thing is icons for each topic, I made one with the fleur des lis and would like to use that. I just dont like the icons that come with the default theme because well I kinda need a redish look and feel you know? The fleur de lis icon is also tied to the Acadiana area so it gives it a little personality you know? Thats all, I think for the right person this would be simple.

    Obviously fonts and things need to fit and tie in better. There is alot of stuff that could be removed from the top to. Like the forum name and stuff. When you go to the mambo site and then click on the forum, which is then embedded into the mambo site its just not sized right.

    Need to remove the "Simple Machines forum" logo from the top, remove the name of the site (kinda redundant) since it is embedded in Mambo. All the blue boxes and images are nice and clean, but the blue should be a matching red to the rest of the mambo site to blend in. Fonts need to be smaller since we are dealing with limited space due to the mambo template.

    Thats the basics anyway.. I really think if those things were done I would be very pleased. Am I asking too much for what I have to spend?

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