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    Ad Spots and Text Link available on PR3 Site!

    Following advertizing option are available on

    The site is PR3 and most of the inside pages either have PR of 2 or 3.

    Featured Site:

    This would include direct link to your website, along with an image and brief description. Only two such sites would be listed.
    Cost: $25 for 3 Months

    Partner Links:

    This would be made available at bottom right of the page visible under "Partner Links". This is direct text link to your website. Only four such sites would be listed. Would be offered on home page and 2 other pages.
    Cost: $15 for 3 Months

    Powered by:

    This provides site wide links.

    This is placed at bottom of page, this would have direct text link to your site. This would be made available site wide. Only 4 such spots would be made available.
    Cost: $20 for 3 Months

    For Stats please see following:

    Payments through Paypal. PM me if you are interested or If you need any other information.


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    Sorry, what does PR3 stand for?

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