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    Thumbs down the Planet domains = terrible!

    I've been using the Planet for my servers for over 2 years now. They are a great, reliable company for dedicated servers.

    Their new domain registration service, however is TERRIBLE! We have registered around 700 domains with them and have had nothing but problems.

    Often, I register a domain and it is in "limbo". The nameservers and DNS are pointing right but it never resolves outside their network. It has taken up to 7 days to get some domains purchased through them to resolve. This has happened over 10 separate times.

    Most recently, I have registered domains, they billed me for them, then I find out the next day that the domains are still available! They billed me but did not register the domains.

    When I called about this, it took almost 5 days to fix the problem. Support suggested I "check" every domain I registered with them to make sure they work.

    This happened to a total of 20 domains in the last month. Needless to say, customers were pissed because it took 4-6 days to set up their working domains.

    In addition, I realized they were billing me for these domains that I had to register 2 or 3 times. The Planet's system does not show you what domain you are being invoiced for, just says "domain registration - $6.95". I contacted accounting, and told them I had been double billed for certain domains because the registration system was not working. The told me.... please COUNT all the domains you have registered in the last month and compare to your credit card statement! There was no way for accounting to tell what domains I was being double billed for, so it was MY RESPONSIBILITY to prove them wrong!

    For a few weeks, things worked fine. The support team closed my help ticket about the problem just saying "it is an intermittent problem, and we are investigating".

    Just yesterday I registered 5 domains and they are still available! I call the Planet tech support. The support person says that he has no access to the domain registration system and it is in the hands of the web development team that I cannot talk with.

    He goes on to say, "in my opinion you should just go to GODADDY and NOT REGISTER DOMAINS WITH US!!!". I have this rep's name, but I will not publish it here.

    I couldn't believe it. So I asked to speak to a manager. He said one would call me right back. That was 24 hours ago.

    I am not new to thePlanet. Last year my company used $30,000 of their dedicated servers services.

    This experience reflects badly on an otherwise great company. I strongly recommend against using their services. I have already signed up to eNom.

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    Ouch, I am highly suprised the tech would recommend another registrar. I would try calling the manager back, or take the techs advice.

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    I just called back after waiting more than a day for the manager to call me.

    The manager said their development team is "working on it", and that they will update the ticket within 24 hours. He also said he is not sure why the tech would say that (I can understand where the tech is coming from though). He couldn't say if the problem will be resolved in 24 hours, just that they will give a status update.

    The 5 domains are still available, though it is 48 hours+ since they were bought through the planet.

    I have already signed up as an eNom registrar based on reviews on webhostingtalk.

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    Good choice with eNom. I would start regging domains there and forget about TP, if they've been as bad as you say.

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    their domain script has serious problem though.
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