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    Arrow LayeredTech & SuperbServers & ServerPronto

    I want to pay monthly.
    And windows 2003 web edition without cpanel

    Superb: 79 + $15 Free setup?? Not sure.
    Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz server OS OPTIONS:
    1000 GBs of monthly traffic
    80 GB IDE hard drive FreeBSD
    512 MB of RAM RedHat Linux
    2 IPs Windows 2000 (+$25)
    100% uptime guarantee Windows 2003 Std (+$25)
    24x7 live onsite monitoring Windows 2003 Web (+$15)

    ServerPronto: 69 + 18$(windows 2003) + setup 69$
    CPU AMD 2200+

    RAM 512 MB SDRAM
    HDD 80 GB Hard Drive
    Bandwidth 400 GB
    Email Support
    Additional tickets: $15/ea. 4 /mo.
    Additional reboots: $29/ea. 3
    System Restore $39
    FTP Backup Space
    Additional space: $15 per GB per month 2 GB
    IP Address
    Additional IP's: $10/ea. added to setup 2
    Custom Services $75/Half Hour
    Monthly $69.95
    Setup $149
    Now only $69! Limited Time Only!
    Min. Contract Period 1 month

    LayteredTech: 65$ + 20$ Setup: 19$
    Base System Configuration:
    AMD XP2400
    80GB IDE Hard Drive
    512MB DDR RAM
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
    Private VLAN
    Basic Resource Monitoring
    100% Self Managed and Dedicated
    No Reseller Discounts Apply

    Monthly Fee Options:
    $179.85 For 3 months | ($59.95/month)
    $323.73 For 6 months | ($53.95/month)
    $539.55 For 12 months|($44.96/month)

    $65/month | $19 Setup Fee

    Which should I choose. Give me some advise please according to customer services , datacenters etc,

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    First plz make sure you read their terms and conditions for LayeredTech If iam not wrong they are not Managed servers, plz correct me if i am wrong. They give you the server and set it up for you then you have to manage the server yourself.

    You must have good know how to maintain the server at all times.

    I would always perfer LayeredTech if you are looking for self managed dedicated servers. Also i would always perfer P4 INtel or in worst case Celeron but will have to think a lot if ai am going for AMD.... :: Best in support and quality

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    AMD over Celeron any day of the week.

    The AMD processors are just as reliable as any Intel chip as this point and when it comes to heat, the AMD's actually run cooler at most speeds.

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    Yes, i too like AMD's now, you can get them at the price of Intel Ceneron. You can see CPU benchmark at

    AMD is better than Celeron.

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