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    CSS 3 Column Layout Problem

    I am customizing as oscommerce site for a client. They want the same image to "hug" both the left and right sides of the content. I have been trying with css all day to accomplish this to no avail. The body is currently held inside a div named container to set the width. I have tried to set the left and right colums as their own div tags but they just don't seem to want to cooperate. I'm not the expert at using CSS so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I am not allowed to post a link to the site yet.

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    im trying to figure out what your asking by looking at this example....
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    Re: CSS 3 Column Layout Problem

    Originally posted by makatozi
    They want the same image to "hug" both the left and right sides of the content.
    Are you talking about the flames??? Maybe a little more info...
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    To put the same background down two sides of a specified area, simply nest the area inside two parent containers, set the background for each one, and apply margins to the body so the content doesn't overlap the backgrounds. Piece 'o' cake
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    Yeah it's the flames. My quick fix for now was to enlarge the background image and just allow the CSS to let it repeat. The size of the image is such that it will not show borders regardless of size of screen. I tried to nest containers but that did not work properly. I am not near an expert with CSS so this experiment will have to continue. For now the results I have obtained are acceptable.

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