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    Jan 2002

    2 The Xtreme Re-review

    Just figured I'd post a review topic of my site despite how dead it has been since dropping my PHPNuke addons to public domain back in Jan. 01, 05.

    I've gotten a lot of complaints & compliments (bout 50/50) about the color scheme. Yes, it is a little dark but I want to avoid the black, gray, white of a 4yr old geocities RPG website or a cheery red, pink & yellow of an anime site. My site is about a dark time and has some pretty dark stuff (in-game), and so far it seems to fit well, but I'm still open to suggestions on the colors.

    Yes, it is in PHPNuke but if I spent my time coding a CMS instead of creating content, I wouldnt have content. It's been fairly optimized and is much more streamlined & secure than the stock 'nuke.

    What is the name of your site?
    2 The Xtreme : Chronicles of Quizorthia

    Description of your site topic?
    Roleplaying & General Discussion.

    What is the URL?

    Date of Launch?
    Feb 15, 2002 (August 26, 2000 originally in plain HTML)

    What software do you use?
    PHP-Nuke 5.6 - 7.6 Hybrid
    DO 1337 SQL Injection Detection
    Modifed PHPBB

    Thoughts, critisism, opinions?

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    Hehe, its not a bad site, although it could do with redesign

    You may of heard of a theme you can download called subBlack, I modified the phpBB version of that and changed the yellowy-creams to red and whites. It came out real good, I think it'd suit your site

    Heres a preview of subBlack

    Heres a preview of subHell (my version, I never released it to the public)

    You can use my idea if you want, ill help you convert it over to PHP-Nuke, want nothing but credit in return Just PM me ;-)

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    looks a tad dated but for a personal site its cool.

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    Thanks for the comments Phoenix & Delusion...

    Personally, I cant stand the look of subBlack (or SubSilver for that matter). I like having a little more color and subBlack just doenst cut it. I'm personally not a fan of all black sites. Reminds me too much of my old HTML site that I despised the black on it.

    I'd like to take a look at your modified subBlack though just to see how it turned out.

    SubHell turned out nice. Its too dark for me to use on my site though.

    Phoenix, what do you think I need to do to make less "dated"?

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    Its not to bad. The stared background makes it look out of date. Also move that random image up towards the top. Gives people something fresh to look at when they come to the site.

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