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    Need feedback on disposable emails website

    The site allows you to create disposable email addresses that you can use for registering at websites or anywhere where it might end up with spammers.

    Just finished writing the code and haven't worked on the web design. I'd appreciate any comments you may have.

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    Nice! I think your idea for a 'disposable' email service is great, and can be very useful.

    Keep us posted on any updates

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    Great idea! Simple design. I think you should maybe put something that tells someone what it is on the front page. But great idea!

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    Tops idea, I can think of a couple of times I would need such a thing. As for site design, nothing to comment on really, develop it.

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    Nice idea!

    Also, when I go to FAQ or Private, I get a javascript error:

    Error: line 16 is null or not an object

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll be developing it more and will be adding more information to let people know how to use it.

    Nkad, thanks for pointing out the Javascript error. I believe, I've fixed that now.

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    genius idea! ... site looks wont matter to someone that just wants to get an addy to sign up @ crap... nice work

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    maybe you could put some kind of random ID generater below it so people can generate their own IDs...

    similar to

    That way noone needs to worry about anyone using their ID

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    Obviously there's not much to comment on in terms of the design, however I have the feeling people using your service won't really care. Even as it is it's simple enough to do the job, but I'd be interested in seeing what you do.

    Good luck

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    Pretty good idea. Would look much better if you just added a few css styles, some icons and a simple header image.

    If you're interested I can create a simple design for you, free of charge since I'm trying to start up a new portfolio. Let me know.
    Adam Clement

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    syntracore, that would be great. Let me see what you come up with. Thanks.

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