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    IPS Hosting

    I was just wondering what is your experience with IPS Hosting . They seem to have really good servers, and I know that downtime is very limited with them.

    But they are quite a bit expensive compared to other hosts. Is it worth it?


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    Re: IPS Hosting

    Originally posted by Loganaew

    But they are quite a bit expensive compared to other hosts. Is it worth it?

    Depends on your budget, if you need very reliable host and not on a tight budget then it probably wouldnt be a bad choice. It's your decision
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    The bonus with IPS is that you get a free IPB license for as long as you keep hosting with them. If your not going to use this, however, then its worth checking out other hosts, which can give you decent uptime for a lot cheaper prices.

    As an IPS customer, I can tell you their support (each time I've used it) is excellent, but definatly not the cheapest around.

    Hope this helps
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    I know the President Charles Warner.

    At IPS they are nothing but professional! Before we opened our Business in 2003 we sent many clients to them and they were very satisfied. Even though they are a little more expensive, it is worth it.

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