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    sub FTP accounts, subdirectories?

    I want to be able to give FTP accounts to a few other people on my site. I'd want their access to only be to a subfolder. Is this a normal feature? I don't see anything about it on site5's website. Their "we're online now!" live sales chat... is offline. And I'm impatient. Anybody know if the standard shared plan there will allow me to do this? If not, what kind of service do I need?

    allin1websolutions lists number of FTP accounts in their plan chart. Is this what I want?

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    If they are using cpanel, it's easily enough accomplished through the FTP account manager. Just Add an FTP account and specify the subdirectory to which they should have access.

    Any host with Cpanel can provide this for you. I think its a standard feature in Plesk as well, but someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Its a easy feature for cpanel correct, there is a tutorial on it from

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    Excellent, thank you. I saw things like "unlimited FTP accounts" but needed to be sure that meant what I wanted it to mean

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    Yea, it's a standard features on many control panels.

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