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    Can anyone help me out?

    I'd appreciate any help on this query. Basically, I'm looking for a host so that I can have a website with about 5 sub-websites. I am UK based and these are the specs:

    * Generous bandwidth (around 10-50gb)
    * About 100-200mb web space
    * Reliable
    * at least 5 mySql databases
    * PHP, not bothered about CGI
    * nothing over $5 per month. Up to 35 a year ($65?)

    I'm sure you guys will be great help. Thanks

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    "I can have a website with about 5 sub-websites"

    is that mean subdomains?

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    Hi, miseria

    Or do you mean addon domains? If so IM sure you can find that arround here. You should try out the offers section, and if you don see anything 5 addons ask them by chatting or calling them to see what they can do for you.

    Good luck

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    Yeah sorry, I meant like:

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    There are some providers that allow customers to host separate domains under the same hosting account. However you are looking for very low price and that might be a problem to get quality service.

    Bets Regards
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    Originally posted by miseria
    Yeah sorry, I meant like:
    Assuming you meant something like, and these would be considered Addon domains.

    If you meant, and these are considered subdomains.

    Both are often included in most hosting packages.

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    Well I am currently paying 20 ($35ish) per year for a great web host. Great technical support and everything. However, bandwidth is 1gb per month. They are

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    Hi, miseria

    Like I said if you dont see it advertised in the ads here contact them and ask them mabey they will chage a little more but you never know.

    Good luck

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    They offer an extra 500mb for 15 ($30ish) a year which to me seems a bit steep

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    Hi miseria. From what you say, it sounds like you mean sub-domains (like: + etc.). I am sure most every host will let you have most any number of those!
    If you want several Domains on one account, it's a bit different.
    Some hosts let you, some don't.
    For example, Micfo will let you have a couple of sites with different domains on one account, at no extra charge. Lunarpages allows it, but charges a little bit extra. And so on....
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