I operate http://e-fans.net, a free celebrity oriented hosting service. Because I have too much on my plate right now I'd like to give the network a new home.

A bit of background
e-fans.net started out in 2003 as star-sites.net; same focus as is now. Those who would like free hosting fill out the application and must send in a sample of their web design work (via screenshot or existing URL). If they are accepted (and I usually accept anyone as long as they can put something nice together), they receive 150 MB space, 2000 MB Bandwidth/month, 1 database, no email, no cgi-bin. They are required to place a "Hosted by" link on their site, and use a Google AdSense banner.

E-fans receives between 25-200 unique hits per month and star-sites receives 50-400 unique hits per month (visitors are automatically redirected to e-fans). I have not actively promoted the site and am sure it could garner a LOT of hits if handled properly.

E-fans is powered by vBulletin 3.07 (leased license expires 7/26/05) and vBAdvanced 1.01. vB Store is also integrated.

Signups are handled with ClientExec (owned license with upgrades/support through 9/11/05).

There are currently 6 hostees. Total disk usage is less than 60 MB and bandwidth usage is less than 2 GB per month. I get about 1-2 signups per month.

So what is included?
- Main Domains: e-fans.net, efans.us, star-sites.com, star-sites.net
- Other Domains (undeveloped): adamsandler.ws, damitajo.org, fan-search.net, julia-roberts.us, justintimberlake.ws, katewinslet.ws, leonardodicaprio.ws, natalie-portman.us, nickandjessica.org, reesewitherspoon.ws, theoneaboutfriends.com, usherweb.net, johnny-depp.ws

Unique Views So Far This Month:
adamsandler.ws - 38
damitajo.org - 72
efans.us - 1
natalie-portman.us - 3
nickandjessica.org - 8
usherweb.net - 2

(To view expiration dates please visit this thread)

- All content on the e-fans.net site.
- Client Exec license - NOTE that there is a $25 transfer fee and this would be payable by you above and beyond the network purchase price. Honestly, I'm sure a simple form would suffice to handle signups.

- I am going to sweeten this deal and throw in http://www.mysiggy.net. This a free or paid image hosting site, run by PHP Image Host, complete with a custom design. There are currently 24 users (1 paid user), and the site receives 30-90 unique hits per month since its opening in March (again, I've not had a lot of time for promotion). PHP Image host lets you limit by size and bandwidth and is incredibly easy to run.

As the vB license expires in a few days I see no point in including it in the purchase.

So how much already?!
I would really prefer to sell this all together. I am asking $350 or best offer for the whole set. The domains alone are worth $150 in fees alone, which means you're getting several fully developed websites with members and hits for only another $200. That's a steal!

.ws domains are currently not registrar-transferrable but all the .ws domains are registered through BlueRazor (a GoDaddy sister site) and you would only need to sign up for an account there to take control of them.

I can provide screenshots of all stats, etc stated above upon request.

I prefer Paypal as payment from verified users only.

If you have any questions or would like to make an offer please post or PM me.

Thanks for your interest!