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    [WANTED] Insomnia 365 Game Server Admin

    I run a large computer forum and am looking for someone to manage our game server. We are using Cortex as we are on an Insomnia365 server - so experience with Cortex is sought after.

    Ideally, the selected company will have a lot of experience with configuring games to their ideal configuration and adding on hacks, new maps etc.. Some games running on our server include:

    BF 1942

    We are willing to pay for services but seeing as this is relatively minor work that will come up occasionally, my ideal scenario would be to do a sponsorship type of deal. We will promote the fact the server is managed by you in exchange for your services. As I mentioned before, we are a large forum in the computer genre so many of my visitors will be your ideal consumers.

    Please reply back to me via PM with your thoughts on this as well as a summary of why you are the one for the job. Please also include cost (if any).

    Thanks you,
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