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Thread: Why Vps?

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    Why Vps?

    HI Guys,

    Why we go for VPs?
    Is that only solution between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

    To a starter, Vps is cost effective as against dedicated servers right. When one wants to have rights to create the resellers you go for VPs.

    To all of use wehave hosting in 3 steps
    shared reseller > Vps > dedicated servers.

    But i think very few of us know that their is one more level thats Simple reseller account using whmresellers software. In that case if you server is having this software, then you as a reseller can create resellers under you and you will have the control over them. And to the server is costs' around $39/year.

    THis software is supported my WHM/cpanel.

    Let me know if you have ever tried this new level? any prons and crons of the same. :: Best in support and quality

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    The biggest con is the extra layers needed to go through for support. One end use asking for help may need to go through 3 or 4 levels of people just to get a simple issue fixed. Another con is less control, with a VPS you will be able to setup your own software, run things the way you want them to be run.

    Of course it all depends on what you need, personally I would like to have the extra control over my server.

  3. Re: Why Vps?

    I will have no idea if you are going to host prons but the crons comes with all hosting accounts AFAIK.

    Sorry cant help it.

    Originally posted by a1domainhosting

    Let me know if you have ever tried this new level? any prons and crons of the same.
    Anyway I do not think of the WHM reseller as another level. It is a dirty hack at best coz I heard that all the solutions in the market are buggy and have yet to make it to the mainstream.
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