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    We are listing the following site for sale:

    The site creates free phpbb forums for users. Great potential here for the right person. The site currently hosts 120 forums with 1388 posts and 346 members. Average unique traffic is 102 hits per day. The site shows 109
    backlinks at Current Page Rank = 3. Please update the thread with your offer. We are not looking for big money here, however
    we would like to get a fair price based on the script, custom logo, and site design and traffic. The site is not earning any revenue at the present time.


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    It's easier if you give an idea of what you are looking for. It's best if you make the starting offer the minimum price you'd sell the site for.

    Anyway, I'm interested.

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    I have sent you a PM with some questions.
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    Are you using SebFlipper's phpBB script? Thanks.

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    PM's answered, it is using Sebs script. We are looking for the first $375 to take it.


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