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  1. #1 opinions please . The site is basically based in-house coding, from scratch (admin, layout, coding). Nothing was used from other sources, so go easy on me. Obviously more work needs to be done and features need to be fixed/added, most of the sections arent finished, But the main page, index, content can give you an idea where im going with this

    thanks for reading this!

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    content is the main thing and your site has it... they layout is good but i dislike your colour scheme.

    you should also change the colours for your adsense ad so it blends with the site

    visitors care more about content than look... but if there's a site of equal content they'd go with the one with the better look and more userfriendly area

    best of luck with the site... you're on the right track

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    In addition to the above I would look at putting in some adsense in the middle of the lyrics themselves.
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    The orange and blue just do not seem to go together. I would use lighter colors.

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    Its red white and blue, patriotic theme ?

    i personnaly like the theme, im an american, and this baby was made in america. I can skin it out in the future, but for launch im representing USA.

    btw doesnt look orange to me

    thanks for all your opinions tho, keep them coming!

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    I like your site... The color scheme is a little too much, but your content is great! You have layed it out very clean. You must have todo that all by hand, no spider involved?
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