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    seeking host w/membership software provided

    Good day, I am seeking out a host/service that might provide me with an all in one solution. I have posted something similar to this in the ecommerce forum but it was not with regards to the "hosting" aspect, so please excuse me if I have broken any forum rules, With that said....
    I am trying to establish a members only site that will offer audio downloads ("loops") to members. I have tried doing this on my own using MembershipClientPro and aMember, but since I am a content provider and not an IT guy this did not work out for me EVEN with tech support!!!! I was never given a reason why, so I decided to dump it and find a service that will do it alll!!!!
    My needs are large disk storage,pref. 7200rpm, and LOTS of bandwidth. Currently my library is at 60 gigs and is expected to triple in size by the first part of next year! As I said, I am not really a great webdesigner ,although I will do my own designing, and I am certainly not an IT guy and I am hoping that such a "one stop" service exists. My goal is to do something such as proloopscom(this is my 3rd post so I can't insert proper links yet). PLEEEZE have a look at this site and let me know if anybody has any tips. THANKS A LOT!!!! luces

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    "How much do you have to spend on this?"

    hmmm,let's see... if you mean per month, I would say that I have seen some hosts that provide 80 gigs of space and unlimited bandwidth for $120.USD, so with that in mind I would expect to pay at least $ 200.USD per month. If you mean start up I would like it to be Under $300.USD. To be honest I am just starting out on this major search and I am not sure of what competive rates are, so this budget is just what would be comfortable for me, but I am willing to be open minded about what is "realistic".

    And how much do you anticipate in terms of downloads (GB wise)?

    Well, to be conservative, since I am really just one small fish in a big world of websites, I would suspect that even if I only achieved 100 members per month, and that each was able to download at least 1 gig per day that would be 1g X 30 days X 100 members = 3000 gigs per month if my math is correct. Obviously I hope to achieve more than 100 members per month, but as I stated, I am just getting going and I am wanting to just establish a presence and see how people gravitate towards my concept. Along with the "loop" downloads, I plan to offer other services, online tutorials via either flash or avi, so you can see where bandwidth is an issue even if I have a very small membership base. Thanks a lot for your response and I hope this helps you help me. Thanks again,luces

    btw, I have already established merchant accounts and gateway authorization, so this doesn't need to be setup, only implemented on the site. Thanks again.

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