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    Free Beer Money oh and VPS from $12.50 as well

    VAServe LTD is pleased to announce the launch of our new Dedicated and VPS brand. Based around a forum a2b2 ( aims to give you a more friendly and community based setup

    Also this week only we will give you free beer (money). Just give us a link to your favourite beverage and we will (up to a max of $8) take that much off your first bill. We will then at the end of the week send one lucky person (with appropiate proof they are over 18/21 as appropiate) a 6 pack.

    We do of course reserve the right to say no if we belive you are just trying to get a free 6 pack of the best French Champange for obvious reasons..

    With each account we are offering the following free!!!

    - Free 24x7 monitoring of your server for failed services
    - Free 1Gb offsite FTP backup space
    - Free Fantastico if you order C-Panel
    - Free RVSkins if you order C-Panel
    - Free account move if you are moving from another VPS/Dedicated Server Provider

    We offer simple, decent prices and outstanding service

    All servers include at least 1 Fixed IP (2 on 256Mb+)

    $65.00 512Mb 30GB Disk 600GB Transfer
    $35.00 256Mb 30GB Disk 300GB Transfer
    $25.00 128Mb 20GB Disk 200Gb Transfer
    $15.00 64Mb 10GB Disk 100Gb Transfer
    $12.50 32Mb 5GB Disk 50Gb Transfer

    Choice of Linux (Fedora,Debian,Centos,Gentoo) and FreeBSD

    You can add C-Panel/DirectAdmin or Plesk for $7.50/mo

    Please visit our website at or PM if you have any questions


    Rus Foster
    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    Is there any way we can just get the free beer money without ordering?

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