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    Large List of Sites for Sale... Range $25 to $225 - offers over $100, BIN $150

    Has Several tools/scripts that come with the sites:
    -Pagerank checker
    -Indexed Pages
    -Whois Lookup
    -IP Checker
    -Link Popularity
    Clean design, easy navigation!
    __________________________________________ - offers over $40, BIN $79

    Hosting Directory with almost 300 listings already loaded! Easy to use administration panel, handling banners ads, newsletter, etc.
    __________________________________________ - offers over $40, BIN $79

    Affiiliate based site, earn 10% on ALL sales generated thru the site - no shipping, no handling the money and/or orders - just advertise the site, get paid for ALL sales!! Well designed header and footer, with attractive color scheme...These do quite well, easy sales!
    __________________________________________ - offers over $40, BIN $79

    Computer parts & supply affiliate site...5% on all referred sales...Newly designed site - with header and footer files, also have implemented google ads, and a rotating banner within the footer...All sales are handled by the affiliate - all you would need to do is change the affiliate ID number, and advertise the site!

    __________________________________________ - offers over $40, BIN $79

    Sweet Design and color scheme...Site with almost 800 jokes loaded (that come with the site)...has a tremendous admin panel for adding, deleting, approving jokes, as well as managing ads, etc...clean site...nice exciting color..
    __________________________________________ - offers over $25, BIN $40

    Image Hosting site, nice admin enabling you to change whether you want to charge for any services, and change the amounts, as well as change the amount of space to give away...very popular sites..
    __________________________________________ - offers over $100, BIN $200

    Recipe site has over 1100 recipes with pre-loaded and come with the site, with about 400+ "Secret Recipes"!...makes a great community site to build traffic as the site promotes membership, where people can sign up (for free) and post their recipes so that they can keep track of their recipes and share with the can also be entered via the admin - very easy navigation, easy management of the site..

    __________________________________________ - offers over $150, BIN $225

    PR2, sells Templates, Banners & Logos packages...comes with all inventory, graphics, script(s), etc! Payment and order system is done thru paypal, all hands free, so all you need do is advertise it!
    __________________________________________ - offers over $25, BIN $40

    Encryption site, that sells memberships for service - presently set at $29, but can be changed to whatever you like...Integrated google ad placement for additional revenue...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $25, BIN $39

    Affiliate driven RX site...huge earning potential (3-tier payout system) - 60% of all sales; 5% on all referral affiliates (people you 'have under you'), and 1% of all THEIR referrals affiliates...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $35, BIN $45

    Font site that has over 250 fonts already installed for both the MAC and PC - easy 1-clickdownloads! ...also has a affiliate that earns 15% of all sales generated from this site...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $25, BIN $35

    Career/Jobs site...offering both employers to post job opportunities, and for people seeking employment to post resumes...nice layout and easy to use navigation...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $28, BIN $39

    Legal form site stocked with about 80 forms that come with the site...also utilizes google and banner ads for additional revenue...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $25, BIN $39

    Sports Talk Forum - baseball, basketball, football, hockey, racing and anything else you wish to add...nice looking skin already installed...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $20, BIN $29

    site offering free guestbooks...great site to allow people to get their very own guestbooks..
    __________________________________________ - offers over $20, BIN $29

    Site offers website statistics on your sites...daily, monthly, annually stats...nice navigation, and you can also customize the rates in which the site charges - set up for monthly billing via paypal..
    __________________________________________ - offers over $30, BIN $40.00

    Template affiliate reseller - TemplateMonster...earn 20% on all order made via this site...Sells templates, logos, banners...also, there is a Search Engine function that utilizes Revenue Pilot...
    - offers over $40, BIN $60.00 for the pair

    Domains work well together, hence selling them as a group...pretty self explanitory, banner exchange and a link exchange site..
    __________________________________________ - offers over $20, BIN $30.00

    Affiliate Directory...add ones you like and or advertise for affilates to sign up with your directory!

    Domains are at enom or godaddy - free push...30 days hosting if 'SOLD' to claim via BIN (buy it now)...please PM or post questions and/or offers...thanks in advance... - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    Any news on the site you were working on for me?

    I look forward to hearing from you.
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    i completely understand, and as noted via pm - the site you purchased had some bugs (as you well know), and as you can certainly see i've not got any more of those for sale - as i would sure like to...the programmer is working on it (hopefully) as we speak...i too am waiting..

    let me know what you are interested in and i'm sure it will be fine - and a lot smoother! all of these sites are ready to roll out

    pm sent too.. - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    can you tell me what script is being used on

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    We can purchase all the domain names for $350 one price . Please let me know if you are interested, so we can go ahead
    Terry Martin-Lead Developer

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