I've recently had some personal issues to deal with that lead me to postpone my work with various online companies. I am currently in need of new work as I need some extra funds to take care of bills.

I have about 5 years experience with Cpanel and WHM
2+ years experience with Plesk
1+ with Helm and some other minority control panels
Webdevelopment experience
SHOUTcast/streaming experience
Windows technical experience (I provided phone and remote administrative support for customer of a local CompuCare)
Various other skills (I am a Jack of all trades basically)

I have provided level 1 tech support services to various companies in the past.

I am willing to work up to 7 hours daily for 7 days of the week at minimum pay, hourly based.

I am currently on summer break and am able to do far more than 7 hours daily. I am willing to do over time, and free work in return for more experience gained. At my previous employment I was required to do 20 hours weekly, I did well over 60 (manned the live support).

A salary is also acceptable if reasonable.

If interested please PM me.