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    Embedded Video Player and Video Ad System

    Looking to get our streaming links played inline. We only carry QT and Windows Media. We might consider some Real media if six and half a dozen during the project, currently we do not carry that format.

    Need someone to embed the players according to media type, we already carry this info with each media clip, and enable us to to insert video/flash ads before each clip, together with an online admin to control the ads (this part is essential as whole reason we are moving to playing inline). Some sort of integration showing our latest clips would also be handy. Again this info is readily available in our database already.

    If you can skin the players as well then a bonus, if not no worries.

    Currently we allow user to select the media type before going to where we launch the link. So we show a list of clips with (small QT, Large Win, etc) However, this could be reversed if an easier solution. EG Ask them what format they want to use and if available play it, but again something that we can discuss.

    Essentially the sort of thing you might see on Ifilm, Lycos video etc. Though need not be as 'fancy' as that.

    We have a programmer who will be able to advise on our own systems, just he is not much up on playing back streaming video etc and out of time too.

    Further details available.

    Ideally we want someone who has done this before and has an example they can show us.

    Whether we are better going for some sort of popup self contained option or keeping them on a specific item page...I am open to ideas.

    Please PM me if interested, with examples of previous work or other references, a ball park figure would be handy too...though obviously negotiable once both of us work out the best way to do this.

    Prefer UK or USA, or at least available on phone.


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