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    -- Software Rights For Sale: Protect your HTML & Images with SourceSAFE --

    I have been developing some software called Atro SourceSAFE. It's an on-the-fly PHP encoding system that encodes your HTML website & images to prevent theft or other misuse.

    I will be auctioning FULL RIGHTS TO IT off to the highest bidder.

    This includes FULL rights to the software (source code, rights to resale, etc).

    You will be able to rename the software to whatever you want, and sell it as your own. You will have full rights to resell it and everything. You will become the sole owner of the software.

    A demo is at :

    It has every feature of other major ones including ProtWare's HTML Guardian ( The main and most important difference between SourceSAFE and HTML Guardian is that SourceSAFE offers ON-THE-FLY encoding. With almost all other systems, everytime you make a change to your site, you have to load up a windows based program, re-encode all your files, and then reupload them.

    With SourceSAFE, its ON-THE-FLY. Meaning, you upload the files, add the 1 line of PHP code to load the encoder, and you NEVER have to do anything again. The system automatically encoded the output buffer of PHP on-the-fly. Also, it requires NO PHP EXTENTIONS OR SERVER CHANGES! It will work as long as you have PHP4 or greater installed.

    That doesn't mean SourceSAFE can only be used with PHP scripts. It can be used with pure HTML pages as well.

    If you wish, in the future I will help to continue to develop sourceSAFE for a small price. Some features I want to add in the future include on-the-fly encoding of external JavaScript & CSS files, built in password protection of HTML pages, and much more.

    SourceSAFE was designed to prevent most people from being able to steal your site. NO HTML encoding system is 100% foul-proof, including this one. But it will protect your site from over 99.9999% of all people. It has built in images protection functions that chop up your images on-the-fly to prevent even the most skilled people from stealing your images. If they were really determined, they would have to figure out the name of each and every piece of the image, go into their browsers cache dir, find each of those images, use a program such as PhotoShop to open each of those files, then merge and copy them back together. They would have to take all these steps for EVERY SINGLE IMAGE on your site. This is enough to deter even the most skilled thief's. So even if they can decode the HTML, stealing your site will prove to be MUCH more complicated than that!

    Solutions even remotely similar to this cost anywhere from $59.99 to $399.99. HTML Guardian costs $69.95 for the pro version (which is the only way to get the image protection options), and its not even on-the-fly.

    You can easily see that this product would be extremely easy to promote and sell. You could sell it EASILY for $49.95 per license. Sell only 20 licenses and have $1000. Sell 100 licenses and have ~$5000!

    You retain full rights to the software to do whatever you want with. I believe people are willing to pay even up to $130 or more for protection like this, especially web designers who want to protect their hard work (HTML Designers could use this to show their sample work to clients without the client being able to steal the work, or be able to use it as an add-on for their clients). As long as you make it affordable ($49.95 or so), even the simplest people with simple websites will be able to afford it, and will want it.

    Will 1st year sales potentials in the 5-6 figure range, I will start off the bidding for this software at $200. Remember, you get 100% full ownership rights of this software, to do what you want with (Resale, use on your own, redevelop, whatever). You can change the name or whatever you want to do. Its your choice. YOU WILL SOLELY OWN THIS.IT WILL NEVER BE RESOLD TO ANYONE ELSE.

    Start Bidding At : $200

    OR: If you want to make a direct offer, send me an e-mail at [email protected] or PM me on this board.

    All questions should be directed to [email protected] or posted here.

    NOTE: Will sell out for $250.
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    Are you planning on selling it multiple times?
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    What is going on here this has been sold to me in the past with FULL rights and SOLE ownership. I had made the deal with you here on WHT. I am sure this is just a misunderstanding, but if you do plan on selling the source again I will be taking you to court.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any issues with this. I am sure you still have all my contact info.

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    Sounds like you have enough of an issue going on, but did you also choose to name it SourceSafe? Whoever decided that might want to rethink the decision before Microsoft starts knocking on your door. Just FYI, I'm sure you consulted the proper legal counsel to avoid any issues with another similarly-named product from a big software company.
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    Closing for investigation. mhale and pmcdonnell, please open tickets at the helpdesk ( ) with all supporting documentation.
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