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    which paying system should I use?

    Which paying system should I use to collect money from customers?
    I can't use a bank account number. <--That is rule 1

    Fact: I don't trust paypal. I never have any trouble with them. If a customer did a chargeback...would it show up on my credit card statement? If a chargeback would it ruin my parents' credit?
    Perhap I should get my own credit card but I don't see my parents agreeing to that.

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    Sounds like you might need / want a merchant account. A merchant account allows you to accept credit cards on your website and then it dumps the money into your checking account. The merchant account would be in your name as long as you are over eighteen years of age. It would not affect your parents credit unless they were also on the merchant account application.

    If you are in the United States and doing less than $1,000 a month, you might consider 2checkout. They will allow you to basically use their merchant account - they will be selling your products and services thru their website. Consumers will stay on your website until they are ready to enter their credit card information and then they will be directed over to 2Co's secure website for processing.

    Having a credit card is something totally different. That allows you to buy products / services from people who have a merchant account.

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    My parents aren't going to let me give out my bank account number. That is a fact. The bank told me that even when I close the account, someone can still withdraw money from my bank account. So the bank won't let me do that even though I am over 18.

    If I use paypal, would I affect my parent's credit card when customer do a chargeback?

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