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    URL 2 Go,, is something I recently started basically for making long URLs shorter. The concept is the same as some of the other URL forwarding sites, but I'd appreciate some comments/critisizms on what i've done so far, and where I should head next.

    I thought it would be neat to create some kind of url/link stats tracking service as well, but i need to do some research into what is desired in such a service. Maybe some of you will have some ideas for me.


    Yeah, I know the layout isn't all that great. lol. Thx!

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    Site Doesnt work

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    There was a comma included in the link, try:

    Site looks good, smiple, fast loading, just what people are going to want. Might want to move adwords towards the top though, could get a better return like that.
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    I think its a nice idea, simple and neat.

    Keep up the good work ;-)

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    Ok, I moved adwords to top of page. I changed a few other layout details as well.

    I'm to the point right now where I may add a way to keep track and check how many unique and total clicks a particular link is getting.

    Any ideas on promotion?

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