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    [FOR HIRE] Support / Managment Staff


    I am looking desperately for a work online, Ugrently!

    My Background :
    Knowledge with the following :
    Html, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, Flash, Adobe PhotoShop

    Previous Jobs :
    Web Designer / Developer
    Live Support Staff
    Web Hosting Sales (Cheif Sales Officer)
    Web Server Managment Care

    I am looking for a job very urgently,
    I was previously working with a web host comapny.
    but i had to leave for personal problems.

    and i need a new job as soon as possiable,
    if possiable i would prefer a job of support staff or Server Manager

    If that is possiable and any body looking for a staff in that postion
    you can email me any time, as for pay price, i dont have any thing on mind right now, as i am in urgent need of a job, so you
    can decide how much you are able to pay, which should be reasonable.

    But one thing is that i am currently living in pakistan,
    but i usually live in USA, Chicago, ILL but had to move.
    So i can't accept money from paypal, i can either accept money
    from a money order or western union (which i prefer) and i
    always use western union, and previously where ever i worked
    they were able to do this way. so i hope the same here too.

    Msn Email : [email protected]
    Yahoo Email : [email protected] (Only For Emailing)

    Thank you
    Have a nice day!
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    Zubair - I have some work for you. I am from India and I need to know if you mind working on already designed site! I want to change some of the image and need to change some more things.

    Let me know so we can discuss further.

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    thank you for your offer yes i am interested in it,
    please tell me more details of what you want to be done.

    i'm also PMing you too.
    thank you

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