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    How much do you think this is worth?

    Im really reluctant to part with it but i dont know what to do wiht it..

    If anyone has any Ideas about what to do with this domain please let me know. (It has allready been an unsuccesfull Coputer Help Forum).

    If anyone has some good ideas please post them.

    Also post how much you think one would pay for the domain.

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    how about a news site/blog dedicated to exposing microsoft's anticompetitive business practices? Haha, or you could always dedicate it to your pet ant named Ims!

    By itself, I think you might be able to get 60 bucks or so.

  3. ya i was thinking about the blog, i am still reluctant to partwith it thoguh. I would like it to be a tech news site kind of like (not exatly mind you just something resbling the idea of it.)

    Thank you i like the idea.

    Any more of them?

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    Lol thats a cool domain... there are plenty of sites like that out agains ms.

  5. well the domain is cool yes but all the sites you are talking about are midless rants about how they hate Microsoft. I would want a funcunal Technology Help/News site.

    or maby a hacking site. but there are way to many of those as it is.

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