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  1., lots of .info's and starting at $25 Each

    incase any of you dont speak 1337... 900913 is leet for "google"

    Registerd at

    i bought these because they were availabe. Never new what to do with them. 900913 was a rom site for a little while.

    .info's going for $10 each $25 $30 $25

    These Prices ARE negotiable.

    Contact chris at AntiMS dot com for more info. OR post below

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    Any taffic?

  3. um.... I never marketed the domains. Not alot of people know about them execpt of my friends.

    The and got some traffic when there was a site on them.

    besides im lowering the price of the $10 .info's to $5

    sorry for the long wait. My internet was down for 4 Fing days

    I hate my fing isp

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