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    DOS boot disk... from linux?


    Now, I know this is extraordinarily stupid... but here's my situation:

    I'm trying to boot an old system (dual PII-400, 1GB RAM, Adaptec 2940 and a couple SCSI drives, Tyan Thunder 100 motherboard) into DOS, so I can try and access some DOS applications I stored on a Hardcard (remember those?) years and years ago. My only Windows system doesn't have a floppy drive, nor does the office Windows machine, so I can't create a boot disk that way. Right now the PII is running Debian linux. I've gotten ahold of the FreeDOS boot images, and while they boot, they also hang; I'm not sure why (too much memory, doesn't like SMP, doesn't like the SCSI BIOS...). For all I know, the same problems will occur with other DOS versions as well, but it's worth a shot.

    Now, I'm unable to find boot floppy images for, say, DR-DOS or MS-DOS or any of the dozens of other types of DOS out there, which can be imaged via dd. and various other places have images that have to be run thru various programs, or Windows executables that create boot floppies themselves...

    So, my question here is, does anyone know of a (non-FREEDOS) 1.44MB DOS boot image online somewhere?

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