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    100 mb with scripts


    Im selling some scripts, Actully its many many many scripts, I havent tested them out but the guy I bought it off had many online happpy quotes in a forum, he got the scripts for helping someone and got the scripts with reseller rights so I bought them off him

    Im selling this to as many as posible
    I have uploaded some images at
    It include some templates too
    You can sell it to so many you want

    +100 mb with scripts
    +60 mb with templates
    +You get reseller rights

    Price: 9.99 dollars
    PM or email me at [email protected]
    PayPal only
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    Um...that link just shows images of the files. You probably won't have much success unless you provide some demo links or something because those scripts could just be pieces of crap for all we know.
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    I am working on getting some live demos to the public
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    Please contact with documents that state you have the rights to all of this and your reseller rights.
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