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    Reviews on

    Before you chastise me.. yes, I did a search.. and no, I was not able to find any recent reviews besides just "yes they're good" or "no they're bad".


    Does anyone here actually use Do you like them? Are they good? Reliable?

    What are your general and specific thoughts on them? Have you had a bad experience? Good experience?

    Do you recommend them? Why? Do you NOT recommend them? Why not?

    Thanks for your opinions and thoughts.
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    Go with TouchSupport ... They cost a little extra, but Worth every penny...

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    Overall a general review of particular companies is good but I would like to suggest that you should yourself evaluate a specific project and process by going on a "test Drive" of few companies to determine its internal & external resources would perform the task most effectively.

    You should also conduct a cost-benefit analysis and ensure to identify their skill sets which should match with your specific needs thoroughly.
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