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    Looking for admin - individual or company

    I've sent a letter out to a couple management companies (FSM and SW), but was hoping I could just paste it here and get some recommendations. Basically I'm just looking for someone who can keep my server running smoothly. My server is running FreeBSD 5.3. I'm willing to pay $75/mo for this, hopefully that's realistic. You should be able to get an idea of what I want based on the letter. That said, any recommendations?

    Do you have any experience with lighttpd and fastcgi? I'll be running a bunch of Ruby on Rails applications, and I'd like them to run on lighttpd/fastcgi.

    I've been using my server as a development server for the past few months, so it has a lot of junk on it. The main reason I'm coming to you guys is that I'll be running production sites on it, and I'm not confident in my ability to keep a server running smoothly in production. If I decide to have you do the administration, would it be best to do an OS reload so it's nice and fresh, or can you guys fix up whatever I've screwed up? I don't have a preference either way, I'd like to get your recommendation on the best way to run things.

    Do you require that CPanel be installed? Currently I don't have any control panel installed, and don't really intend to have one if you recommend an OS reload. I have no need for it at this point, and don't want to deal with all the special configurations or have it take up unnecessary resources.

    What's your policy on installing software? You say you offer unlimited admin work, and I'd like to know what that means. For example, if I want subversion installed and configured, are you willing to do that? Or is that something I have to do myself?

    Lastly, do you perform system updates, and if so, how often? The info page says you'll upgrade backend services like http, mail, and ftp, but will you also apply kernel updates and and upgrade system binaries? Do you regularly schedule that maintenance, or do I have to request it?

    Basically I want to be able to write apps for my clients and not worry
    about keeping the server up to date...I want to be able to sleep at night knowing you guys are taking care of things. I understand if perhaps you're not the best company for my needs, I'd just like to be clear of what I need upfront, thus the many questions. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.


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    well you could look on they are really great and have really fast response times ive had good expirences with them.

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    Originally posted by hightime
    well you could look on they are really great and have really fast response times ive had good expirences with them. are really good too.
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    That's a smart bunch of questions.

    You could also try to contact either and

    They both seem to be quite professional.


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    You could also contact
    they are very good and they offer all clients with toll free support phone.

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    There are a number of providers out there with this kind of service. Don't go with the "cheapest", go with the one you're most comfortable with. Mail the admins, mail the company and see what the responses are. Ask intelligent questions, and you'll get an intelligent response

    I'm willing to pay $75/mo for this, hopefully that's realistic
    Yeah, that's realistic, given the current market of things, $50-$100 should be the expected range.

    You might also get a better response by posting ads in the ads/offers forum, stating you're looking for this type of service, and by browsing the same forums. There's usually a new ad or two out there for these types of companies

    Good luck!
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  8. #8 provides you many plans from which you can choose and you can have a trial support so that you can make sure that the quality is not compromised to any extend .


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    There are number of such providers claiming that they are best, but it is most important part to ensure their commitment to quality, flexibility, accuracy and overall they should meet your customerís needs as per your expectation.
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