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    Free hosting and distributing the load


    I' planning to offer Free hosting services in the very near feature. I have everything in place now I came up with an idea to solve a problem about space and server load. Feel free to let me know about a better Idea if can please,

    I will run the "Free Web hosting Services" in a VPS that I rented. I have my own server but I use that one for my web design customers.

    So, in this scenario since the VPS only give you so much space. 15 GB in the plan that I have. I'm not complaining about the price and the support is really great up to now. (is a 1 month old account) but given the nature of the Internet and everybody loves the word free I now that this will fill in a couple of months as the site gets popular, so I'm planning to buy space in several servers without cpanel or anything, just plain space to host those accounts and also in order to distribute the load and in case one server goes down I don't have all the customers down.

    Also in the VPS I already have Cpanel with fantastico available for them with my own scripts,

    Ok so I would like to know how can I make cpanel resolves everything ok and still search for the data and everything else one or posibly more than 1 external server?

    I want to use one of my VPS to host the accounts
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    Little unclear question for me. You mean cluster option in WHM/Cpanel ? Cpanel daesn't support it yet by default. Cpanel only may have now dns cluster and external mysql server.
    Some hosting companies deal with Cpanel and developed own cluster solution but it is not easy way.
    You may try Hsphere ( as clusterized control panel software. Also Hsphere will be more useful for offering free hosting. But, it work only on dedicated servers as i think.
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