WHT Gurus:

I searched on phpAdsNew and could not find a mention of this so forgive me if it is elsewhere on this board. Yes, I know about the dedicated support boards for phpAdsNew.

I've found WHT provides answers much faster!

Okay, on my airline news site I've just launched, I'm running phpnuke and serving the ads with PAN. Don't laugh at the non-theme if you go to look - I'm working on that.

Here is the issue:

In Netscape / Mozilla only, some javascript sourced ads are showing double. This only happens with the leaderboards across the top. If they are full width boards, you'll see one above the other. If they default to banners, you'll see them side by side. Never happens with IE. Never happens with boxes or skyscrapers.

I'm baffled.

The agency whose code I'm running sent me a shorter snippet to try thinking that PAN was doubling up the js calls. It did not work at all.

When I get the clean custom header for the site running, the space will get messed up a bunch if this continues.

Any ideas?