I have 3 years of experience with web development. I have worked with Photoshop, Flash MX 2004, PHP, MySQL, (x)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more.

My design portfolio...
I only have 3 designs to show you... and one is still under construction.


I made all three. #1 is unique, and has the potential to be for sale.

I make custom designs, banners, anything you need.

My programming portfolio...
I really do not have much as far as a portfolio.

I fully programmed TakeAwayEasy.com
This site has a search, you can search thousands of items, hundreds of restaurants for the exact food and price or any other customization to the search you want. (Including price, restaurant cuisine, item category, etc.)

They have a secure backend where restaurant managers and site administrators can edit their restaurants, items, upload 3 images, etc.
Admins can edit Dish of the Month, Featured Restaurant, all restaurants, items, etc. and manage the whole site.

I was hired to make a "free" site... what I mean by that is... users sign up, complete offers, refer other members, receive their item.
This is located here: http://www.ehxoh.com/script
You may sign up to see it if you'd like, none of this is live and all information you provide is safe, only I can see it.

I have done many other design/programming jobs but they are unfortunatly not apart of my portfolio.

Contact me...
AIM: rubbercement
MSN: xxtyderxx [@NOSPAM] gmail [.DoT.] com
Email: xxtyderxx [@NOSPAM] cox [.DoT.] net