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    Static IP and SSL - do you need a unique IP

    I have site 'a' with an SSL installed and have a re-seller account and wonder if I can set up a second account (site 'b') under site 'a' and then install another SSL for site 'b.'

    If 2 domains share a static IP, can you have 2 SSL installed, or does each SSL require a unique IP?


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    No, they need one IP each. This is because when the server gets a connection on an ip with 2 sites, it doesn't know what certificate to use until it sees the host-header, and by then its too late

    So the only way for the server to know early enough is by the ip that the connection comes in on. Therefore you need as many unique ips and you need certs.

    You COULD instead run the different certs on different port numbers (but the same ip) instead of the standard port. But this wont be as pretty.
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