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    A little start for a big plan.

    After working for various hosting companies and the like over the years and getting overworked / underpaid in general. I basically left the hosting world and went and got my certifications and now work at the SaS Institute here in Raleigh.

    In short I just bought my first dedicated box @ GNAX. My plan is to at last break even on the box by selling gameservers or maybe selling shell accounts and the like. How can I get people interested in gameservers to come to my box, I probably will charge 2.50 a public slot on the box just to get people to buy from me. This is I REPEAT this is not a gameserver company, basically I just want enough friendly people buying server resources / servers from me to afford to have on dedicated box of my own for personal use.

    How can I go about getting people to buy from me since this really isnt a hosting company per say. I'm not going to create a site or anything like that, just want a few nice people to buy from me. And since I have extensive knowledge in alot of areas and will have only a limited amount of customers I will do the support for everyone.

    Any suggestions?

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    Talk to friends, check up on IRC (BIG GAMING NETWORK). It's really hard to find people to buy as it is hard to be trusted because you are not a company.
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    Well being a ex gamer of sorts, I know about ETG / Gamesurge / Quakenet irc networks. The thing is, most major networks the big channels either have sponsors so theirs no advertising you can do. And my friends would rather play on their favorite server than pay for their own. I've tried posting to gaming boards, but alas advertising their isnt really acceptable :<

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