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I'm offering textlink ads on CompleteBB - a service that provides free forum hosting.


phpBB & Invision service as of 12 Jul:

Statistics at the top are phpBB Statistics. Statistics on the bottom are the Invision Board service statistics.

Main site ( 6,218 visits, 10,146 hits as of 12 Jul

Sorry, the statistics are a little old, I will be able to provide new statistics within the next few days.

Example Hosted Sites: phpBB Example Forum | Invision Board Example Forum


Top Textlink - Textlink ads are placed at the TOP of EVERY forum/main website

$24/quarter OR $12/month

Bottom Textlink - Textlink ads are placed at the BOTTOM of EVERY forum/main website

$10/quarter OR $5/month

Other Info

The link is just a simple textlink - no tracking, no description etc. There are no guarantees associated with the purchase. Textlinks can be maximum 30 characters long.

There is absolutely no rotation on any of our textlinks! There are maximum ten textlinks available for both positions, and over half of the top textlinks are filled - be quick!

Please contact me via email pcpowerplay [at] gmail dot com or via PM (email preferred). Please include the title of the link and where you want it to link to (eg. Link:, Title: Google).

Payment via Paypal (paypal address pcpowerplay [at] gmail dot com).