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    Plesk mailman mistery

    I have Plesk installed and I want to disable mailman from running but in the Server section the icon is gray and the text says that mailman is already configured. How can I disable it?
    thanks to all

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    The easiest way (maybe not the best way) to 'disable' mailman would be to uninstall it:

    To uninstall mailman, first issue the command to make sure you know what mailman version package you have:

    rpm -q mailman

    You should see something like:


    Then just use rpm to uninstall:

    rpm -e mailman-2.1.1-5
    rpm -e mailman-2.1.1-7.legacy

    To my knowledge, removing mailman from a Plesk system will not break anything of Plesk itself.

    If you wish it to remain and be available if you need it at some future time, then instead of uninstalling it, you may just want to remove it from loading upon [re]booting.
    chkconfig --level 0123456 mailman off
    This should do it on most Linux type systems, check your OS docs first though. (you didn't post any of your server details)

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