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    guys i want to connect to cpanel and add an e-mail account using fsockopen() without the whole page appearing on my site i just want to know if it worked, and all the status etc. How do i do this?. Also i want it to connect to squirrel mail and read e-mails again without showing squirrel mail just showing my customized one, using fscommand and fputs and fgets can you tell me how to do this? thanks guys i really appreciate it.

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    Look for ready-made scripts on the net, like
    That will be faster, because what you are asking is takes a bit of time, and I don't think anyone will do it volunteerly
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    i never said they should i said could they say how to connect to cpanel via fscommand() and perform something in cpanel, without showing the user cpanel but me knowing whats going on in cpanel if it worked or not?

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    does fsockopen using fgets($fp, "$variable"); get a variable php generated when doing that page

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