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    vps with typo3, how to speed up

    I have a vps solution with typo3 cms installed but surfing the site I noticed higth latency and sometimes all the browsing is very slow (even if the server is not overloaded). I'am searcing for tips on how to speed up the cms and on php optimization (I have php-accelerator installed).
    Any ideas?

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    One huge thing to do with any CMS system is to create a script that pulls the frontpage and saves it as a static html file every hour or more frequent if your frontpage changes alot. This saves from a huge amount of database calls as most people visit the frontpage.

    This method has saved quite a bit of load on some busy sites I administer.
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    If you don't do it yet: caching!

    May be usefull, depending on the type of pages you deliver and the frequency of changes (the longer they stay the same the better).

    For more info:

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