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    * I need to run a radio on my website

    Hi guys , i want to run a radio on my website from my computer ,\
    if someone know the way or have a link for ow to do this it will be nice ,i spent the whole day searching for the way and ican't
    i heared i can use media encoder , but still don't know the way

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    I think shoutcast is your answer. It allow you to broadcast audio over the internet from your PC. You can learn more here:

    Andrés Chávez
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    You may also want to have a look at Streaming services:
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    Shoutcast is free, and great!

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    I've had really good experiences in Shoutcast, I would do what Andres suggested.

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    You might want to look up in the following website. They provide streaming service.

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    i am using this guys

    they are giving 200 mb FTP and ability to use 24 hours both soutcast and trans.

    they have a control panel for admin and dj's, you can check the listeners and the song list, you can ban ip's if oyu want,

    and i think this one is cheap enough to buy,

    You can check my radio station in, (Not: We don't use it 24 hours mostly evenings and nights, and i am living in Turkey, GMT +2 )
    Kind regards

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    Actually if you have cable or dsl internet there is no real need to pay for shoutcast hosting. The shoutcast server program is quite easy to set up on any windows computer.

    I run a radio station myself and run the broadcaster and shoutcast server on a computer at home. The computer is a Dell Optiplex with a PIII 933 and 256mb of Ram.

    I run the SpatialAudio SAM2 Broadcaster and Shoutcast Server along with the Mysql Server the SAM2 needs all on that one computer. The SAM2 also includes a php website that is pretty easy to set up that allows automatic requests.

    I generally run my station 24 hours a day and have had as many as 20 listeners on at 1 time with no problems. I'm not sure how it would work with more listeners. For a station just starting up though it can save quite a bit of money not having to pay for shoutcast hosting.

  9. #9 is what I use.

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    I'd recommend checking out
    They offer streaming services as well as a broadcast application named 'Sam' which I use to create my own station.

    I would recommend getting a streaming service though: If you're on a cable or dsl connection you'll only be able to have about 3 listeners before dieing off if you allow 96kbps or higher.
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  11. You could also try they offer you the radio station and a fully automatic website which you can customise to your theme. - Affordable Web Hosting Solutions
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    You can also use SSH, to install it with steam. (As long as your web host allows it in there terms) Shoutcast is gr8

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    I know a Radio for a game I play that uses Shoutcast. Works pretty well.

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    Definitely try shoutcast, affordable and reliable Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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