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    Having trouble with 15minuteservers.

    They keep reinstalling the machine and the same problems. The rndc problem keeps showing up. Thats bind not working comes with an error after trying to add an a entry. Exim is gone. Half the server statistics are missing from server status. Ftp is corrupt or missing. Kernel is usually bad. I dont know what to do but I have been draggin with this issue. When I finally had everything fixed after paying couple hundred dollars, it went bad because some how the old kernel was back in even though I was on vacation.

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    Also I have the opteron 244. If I get a p4 how will load respond how much harder will the p4 strain. Thanks

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    Also another thing is would I be better off getting a vps if my load is only around .4

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    Eh, you might want to consult the Edit button next time...

    Personally, if I had a load of .4, I would just go with a lower end dedicated server, as opposed to a VPS, as in some cases, a lower-end dedi will perform better then some VPS's.

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    I see so dont go below the opteron than. Well if the server wasnt confiqured right do you think that might cause a higher load. Meaning if it was setup cherry could I get a different load?

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    That could be a possibility, having some unnecessary services running in the background. I didn't exactly say do not go under Opterons specs, I just thought that if you felt there wasn't a need for a Dual Opteron server as your solution, you might want to consider a lower-end dedicated server. That includes Pentium 4, AMD Athlon XP, AMD Semprons, Pentium III's, etc. I just sometimes feel that VPS's don't perform as well as a comparable spec dedicated server.

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    I see what you mean. Well Im on that dedicated opteron 244 checking to see if lowering server specs a bit can work out ok.

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    Are you sure you know what you are doing with the server administration end of things? The title of this thread is totally misleading. In reality this has nothing to do with the provider, it seems like you either got hacked or don't have as good of a grasp as you should on managing a machine.
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    Well noticing what NAC sent me back : We are waiting for a reply from cpanel, whenever we install it it currupts the
    rpm database. that is what the delay is. :

    The machine is corrupt before I can even touch it.

    Also how is it misleading. Server is from 15minuteservers and Im having trouble with them. Not putting them down or anything just saying Im in a bind right now.

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    Originally posted by SearchNetNow

    Also how is it misleading. Server is from 15minuteservers and Im having trouble with them. Not putting them down or anything just saying Im in a bind right now.
    15minuteservers are unmanaged. Is this a new box they set up?

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    yes, still waiting a reply to see if they can get me going.

    everyone this isnt about them being unmanaged. Its about not getting a machine that runs right in the beggining. I know its unmanaged.

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    what operating system is on your box?
    list out your specs if you would please

    and what errors are givin to you when you try and start/restart

    if you give more details on your box and more on your other issues
    we / I can further help you.

    Saying my box is corrupt and not working and rndc errors, this has been fixed in the past and your just catching the *** end of the stick of the issues sorta speak

    if ya like email me and ill gladly help you out and check out your box.


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    With a load of .4 stick with a dedicated.

    Ask them to completely reinstall everything, or to provide you with a new box. Otherwise, take your buisness elsewhere.

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    Well I have been looking they tried reinstalling everything and there still messing it up.

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    I have a few servers with NAC, ~5-10 at any given time, however, I have had a P4 3.2GHZ for 3 months, it has never worked, they have re-installed it 19 times (I have the tickets for every reinstall and the tech always says he cant see whats going wrong.. ) I finaly convenced them last week to replace it with a 2.8GHZ P4 and it works great, they just seem to have some server that have problems and they dont want to admit it... I also got a credit for 2 months after doing a Charge Back for one, they sent me a nasty email saying they were going to unplug all servers due to the charge back, and I sent a copy of all tickets and they got quite, 2 days later, I got 2 months payments back.

    They are really easy to deal with normaly, and have a great network, but every so often they are a pain in the ***

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