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Thread: E-gold?

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    Hi guys,
    Just wondering, have your heard about E-gold? How many people are actually using it?

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    I've personally used e-gold since 2003 to import goods from China to Australia. Then there were some places using and I had to convert my gold.

    You need to fund your account through a broker and its not easy. I had to deposit money into a bank account of the broker and notify them. The process took 72 hours before I could use the Gold.

    The other thing was to get the money from Gold to Dollars. The broker I used was discontinued. So now I have e-gold but no dollars. There should have been a more automated process like paypal, but there isn't.

    Very slow but reliable. Lots of fake brokers around too.

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    Has been around for a long time.
    They will not freeze your account and take away your money.
    Works in all countries.
    *No chargebacks*

    Deposting money is not easy and instant.
    Withdawing money is not easy and instant.
    *No chargebacks*

    No Chargebacks
    This is good if you are a merchant. Cause the client can't take advantage of you and then file a dispute or a chargeback

    This is not good if somebody breaks into your account and sends the money elsewhere. Or this is not good if you buy something from someone and they don't deliver on goods or services promised. So the bottom line is there is no way to get your money back once you send it somewhere unless that person sends it back.

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