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    How to advertise?


    I'm looking for some advice from others in my position. I'm looking to advertise my hosting company but so many offer advertisment options.

    I have started using Google AdWords, but not realy extensivly untill I get more advice.

    I have consdiered lots of options but chosing the correct one is the challenge.

    Dose anyone have any advice?

    P.S If this is in the wrong form forgive me

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    Direct Mailing, SEO, Forums, FreeMarketing Linking, Word of Mouth, alot of ideas you can throw out that can help you alot. I mean if you have a budget of around 1,000.00, you can get a Mailing List of 1 Thousand, for lets say ... Business Owners in Atlanta. Then you can do Standard Mailing, Postcard, Custom Design, $0.19 Per Address, which would be around 1 Thousand Dollars, not counting design and all that other stuff.

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    I do plan on opening the phone book and mailing local busniess, may look into buying the list but I am looking for online marketing tips.

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    Best advice would be:
    1. Decide on your market (blogs, fansites, gamers, anime)
    2. Look for popular sites with a forum that has lots of members in those areas.
    3. Get a banner made. I use
    4. Buy banner space - usually you can get a cycled banner for a month for $100 - $150

    I usually try a site for a month and if poor results move on to another. Some ppl let you get a day for $20 with a permanent banner (not cycling). I find those have the best results.

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    Quite simply. Its cost effective, it works better than any system i have ever used, and trust me i have used pretty much most of them.

    Also look into some good solid SEO. We have achived a PR of 4 withing 9 months. useing the right person.

    Best of luck.

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    Thanks for the replies and thanks for the specific sites and recomendations!

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    Thread moved to Running a Web Hosting Business.

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    Ooops Thx.

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    There are always risks involved when you’re investing money to promote the business, hence you should select a most cost effective method for implementing the advertisement, which should not go over the budget.

    It is far better to consider the following factors before selecting the appropriate advertisement method for an ad campaign.

    1. Consider the age of the site and the size of your site.

    2. Research the size of your target market/sub market and target audience.

    3. Estimate CPM and the ROI well.

    4. Judge the cost, effectiveness, reach and coverage of the selected advertising method.

    5. Close monitor the effectiveness and the conversion rate as it will enable you to make the change if required for further improvement to it during advertisement.

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