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    [request] logo design $$

    I'm in need of a new logo for

    The site basically explains its self, just the logo (not header)..

    AIM: unitedfrag < i'll be on later tonight

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    Ontario - CAN
    I'm interrested. Visit my portfolio:

    It has ALL of my info and work there. If you wish to contact me just check that page on my site. Same for my work.

    Thanks, Nicholas Hiotis

    PS: We will discuss payment when you contact me.
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    I am quite interested in this project as well. Please see my portfolio at:

    Let me know here or via email at phil[at] if you would like to proceed.

    All my logos are %100 unique with no clipart. Price: $40


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    Admin please close this thread, we have found our class designer in

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