Hi people,

Out of curiousity when do you cpanel admin's out there consider a user is consuming more then their share of server wide resources in terms of the WHM tool:

CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage

Please give your opinion in percentages. I always thought a customer really shouldn't be using more then an average of 1% to 2% of daily cpu resources (on a decent single Intel CPU) and maybe average 2% to 5% of Memory (if they are a good customer -- these days we upgrade RAM without making any major investment).

Personally I would see something like 10% of average daily CPU usage as way too much. At that rate on a P4 2.5GHz server that would be a single user hogging up an average of 250MHz per day! That's quite a bit for shared hosting don't you think? At that rate you'd be lucky to get 10 people on a server. That would be more like a virtual dedicated server then shared hosting IMO.

Your opinions are appreciated.