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    Looking for ventrilo script quotes

    I'm currently looking for some quotes on the following job. I would like the script to be in php if possible.

    I need a control panel / order system for ventrilo voice servers. It will require the following:

    Customers able to order a package using paypal subscription - I should be able to
    change the amount of slots / price on these packages in an admin panel - I should be
    able to link to the various packages so the customer can easily select what size of
    voice server they wish to purchase. There will also need to be a 'location'
    drop-down and I should be able to maintain locations, IPs, and domains (like and machines from the back-end as well. This script will be
    hosted on my web server

    once the order is placed and paypal confirms payment (via IPN?) it should
    automatically and securely setup the appropriate linux box (depending on location
    they select)

    They should then receive an email with their IP / domain and port. Everytime a
    server is ordered the port # should incriment by 1 - for example if someone orders a
    voice server in seattle and the domain / port is and then
    the next order that goes on that box should be assigned

    Of course if someone cancels - their port # should become available again. It would
    be good to store this data along w/ customer data / status (active / cancelled /
    suspended) in the database.

    Also, there will need to be a control panel so that the customer can login and edit
    their configuration file, start, stop, restart their server.

    I would also like it to handle if someone cancelled their paypal subscription, it would
    automatically update (if possible) and put in the date that is 30 days from their
    signup date and then a daily cron will run to purge all servers on those dates. If
    that's not possible, then I'd like to be able to enter a cancel date and have it do
    that - so I don't have to track manually who cancels, etc.

    I would also need a reseller panel intergraded into this so my resellers can add servers and start/stop/edit configs as well
    as purchase upgrades for their current slot counts. My resellers would also need to be able to give their clients control panel access on a debranded company skin as well.
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    re: ventrilo script

    have you found anything yet, I've been developing a game voice CP for about a year and I need some beta testers, it works with paypal ipn, auto configures voice servers, you can recycle used ports etc. check out the website for more info and screenshots, i have a full working demo if you want to try it out, but i only plan to lease the control panel...

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