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    2co and eror 503 ?

    Service unavailabe. Please try again.

    Pretty strange, since i have recieved just 5 e-mails claiming, that they see the same text, when they try to make a purchase throught 2co. I have tryed myself and it dropped the same error to me, so it did when i was trying to acess the control panel.

    Anybody expierincing the same ?


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    Yes, had the same problem when buying from 2CO some hours ago - Error 503 most of the time. After the 10th retry the payment has gone through.

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    Can you guys login to the control panel? I don't remember getting a notification from them that they are performing some maintenance.
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    The reply i got from their tech :

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We are aware that
    there is a problem, and our developers are working diligently to resolve this
    issue. This error is occuring intermittently at this point, please clear the
    cache and cookies from your browser and try again.

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